The new nail correction clasp


Nora nail correction clasp

N = new ORA = the „old“ nail correction clasp Ora

  • two-piece nail correction clasp as a spring wire system
  • medical product
  • wire thickness 0,32 mm
  • sterile packed
  • two combinable spring wire strengths
  • soft (silver colored) and strong (copper colored)

2 forces are working

  • the spring force/lifting force
  • the traction force

  • hight wearing comfort
  • by a doctor in private practice, billable with statutory and private health insurance from July 1st, 2022
  • fast Correction of the nail plate
  • 2-forces-System (tension and spring force)
  • almost no pressure on the nail plate
  • hight patient adherence
  • in most cases painless application
  • Gait pattern is preserved

  • no different sizes
  • no right or left
  • application security
  • few additional instruments necessary
  • Low germs / freedom from germs of the stainless steel wire
  • sterile packed
  • where you can also work without traction force (neutral)
  • can also be used with existing inflammation (sterilized)
  • short application time
  • Adaptation of the nail clasp directly on the nail
  • no positive and negative imprint necessary
  • no bending of end hooks (in some cases length adjustment of hooks)
  • to learn quickly
  • reasonable profit margin

  • Diamond cutter (roughen the nail surface)
  • Cleaner / alcohol / disinfectant to degrease the nail surface
  • Locking pliers/needle holder
  • pencil or felt-tip pen
  • notching pliers
  • Nail Folding Instrument/ Excavator
  • side cutters
  • Flat nose pliers or round nose pliers
  • Gel / composite for fixing the tamponade material

Therapeutic application of NORA

Nail correction with nail correction clip

Become a Nora Nail correction therapist


  • Online training with a feet model
  • from the comfort of your own home
  • only possible with prior knowledge of braces


  • face-to-face seminar
  • especially for those who have little to no experience with multi-piece brace systems
  • direct communication with a coach

In-house training

  • your desired date
  • complete organization
    by our trainer
  • Time savings: no arrival and departure